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The life of a person on the goldfield was hard working and often not very rewarding.

Many men rushed to Ballarat in the 1850's in hope of finding gold. It was not cheap

to work on the goldfields, in fact it was quite expensive. You needed to buy tools,

food, shelter and a gold mining license. Some men also brought their families

to the goldfields so this would be extra costs for them.

You need to look at these websites that focus on the conditions people would

have lived and worked in. Take notes in microsoft word from the information

you find on the websites below. The notes you take in Word, need to have at least three paragraphs of information that you have put into your own words. Do not just cut

and paste everything.  You may also like to find websites of

your own about what it was like to be on the goldfields, using Google.

Sovereign Hill 

Australian Government website about the Gold Rush

Kid Cyber- Gold!

Life on the goldfields

After you have completed your research and taken notes you need to click on one of  the links below. It will take you to either a Word document that contains the diary entries that people on the goldfields actually wrote. Your other option is to click on the second link which directs you to the Sovereign Hill website, that has all the diary entries being read out to you. You may like to use both so you can hear it and read along. It is not neccessary for you to read of listen to all the diary entries. Pick two or three to read/ listen to.

Document of diary entries

Sovereign Hill website with diaries recorded

Finally, I would like you to open microsoft Word and write a diary entry using

the knowledge you have about the gold rush and put yourself

in the shoes of someone who would have been there.

Try and write at least six sentences.

Here are some suggestions if you are a bit stuck....

A woman who has come from England with her husband and three children

A poor man who desperately wants to find gold so he can eat

A person who gets caught because they did not have a gold license

Someone who strikes rich!

If you are unsure about how to write a diary entry link on this link.