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You have just TRAVELLED BACK IN TIME to the 1850's!

Your first task is to use the internet to research about the time of the

gold rush. Here are some ideas to help you get started on what to look for:

Who was the first person to discover gold in Australia?

Where was gold discovered first?

What impact did the gold rush have on Australia?

Who went to the gold rush?

Once you have done some research about the time of the 1850's, you need to create a timeline. If you are unsure of what a timeline is, click on this link.

Using this website you will need to create a timeline of the gold rush. The timeline needs to include significant events that occured in Australian history. Use all six event boxes to complete the task. When you have finished your timeline you need to copy the image into a word document and save it. (to copy right link and press copy image)

Create a timeline